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Based on the Life and Times


         James McEachin

Call of The Purple Heart

Log Line: Based in the life and times of James McEachin

Brief Synopsis: On a budget considerably less than the price of the average motion picture and set to be filmed in Los Angeles, California, James McEachin brings to light a fascinating story centered on the Purple Heart, the nation’s oldest medal of valor. The shooting schedule will be from six to eight weeks. Sixty-years in the making, this living, breathing, heartfelt journey opens by taking a look at a surgi­cal operation in progress at a Los Angeles veter­an’s hospital. It is a dream sequence in McEachin’s home, interrupted by a ringing phone. On the line is a young woman (Kimberly Paller) who, while shopping with her kids, discovered a Purple Heart at a yard sale near her home in Pine County, North Carolina. Her aim was to sell the medal on Ebay, but she was discouraged from doing so by her husband, (Keith Paller) an Iraqi War Veteran. Determined to find the rightful owner, Kimberly searched for about a year before her search led to an aging black PTSD-afflicted veteran, James McEachin. The young woman contacts McEachin and, driven by the energy of her patriotism, he takes us back to the dark days of the Korean War. Through the character of a “blonde-haired boy,” he further reminds us of the strange ways of courage, loyalty, and fortitude.

This odd but true story generated press and many comments when it first became known. In paying tribute at a funeral for a deceased veteran of the Korean War who had been missing in action for 62 years, and in com­menting on what will be flashback memories throughout the film, the noted Bakersfield columnist Steve Mayer, wrote to McEachin: “There [are] your words: a prayer, a life lesson, a love letter and an elegy, all wrapped up inside your spoken-word paean to freedom and love and sacrifice.

This is the theme that begins our journey; and, it is the theme that ends our journey, aboard the battleship USS Iowa.

Writer’s voice is unique and vital. Writer’s experiences in “real-life” and then his decades as a screen actor, give him a comination of skill sets that is uncommon and special.

Full Synopsis and Script available on request - mockinbrd@aol.com

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